5 Things to Watch for when Buying a Used Forklift


Image Source: http://www.warehouseiq.com/how-to-buy-a-used-forklift/

1. Inaccurate Meter Readings

Forklifts are equipped with meters that record the number of hours they have been in use. Most have 4 digits, while there are a minority with 5. A 4 digit meter will read 9,999 hours, and then after operating the fork lift for another 2,000 hours it will read 1,999. This means that at the 10,000 hour mark, the meter will actually read 0000. Because of the way these meters work, customers looking for a used lift truck can be tricked into thinking that a forklift has far fewer hours of operation under its belt than it does in actuality.

2. Inaccurate Forklift Capacity Data Plate

Attachments and accessories can be added or removed from a forklift with or without manufacturer approval. This can make the capacity data plate inaccurate, which can lead to the operator being at risk for an accident as he has a false impression of the load that the forklift can handle.

3. Wrong Year-of-Manufacture

Be sure to independently verify the manufacture year before purchasing a used forklift. Take the model number and serial number to the manufacturer to have them confirm the year of manufacture. Do not simply trust whatever it says on the dealer invoice. Read the rest of this entry »

Strategic Planning: How Home Health Consultants Prepare You for 2014

Home Health Consultants Prepare

Have you ever tried to take a road trip without a map? If you know the general direction you will probably get there eventually, but will have wasted a lot of time and gas (money) along the way as you backtrack and redirect your route. Trying to take a trip without a map is a great deal like trying to direct your company without a strategic plan.

Strategic planning is a vital management tool used by businesses of all types and sizes to chart the best way forward and spark growth. A strategic plan puts your home care agency on the right track for the future, makes you more accountable for your agency’s success, and gives you a competitive edge over your competitors. With the home health care industry going through a significant shift, the same old approach simply isn’t going to work. Experienced home health consultants can help you stay ahead of the curve and implement the right strategic plan for 2014. Read the rest of this entry »

Organizational Development and Change Management Are Interlinked

Organizational DevelopmentThe development of a company lies in how well the company handles change. This has a direct implication on the success of the organization. Organizational development is about how to manage planned change, culture change, dealing with large group processes and group facilitation. Most companies are focusing on organizational development so that employees find their work place more productive, effective and rewarding. Change is a constant pressure for all companies as customers have started demanding more, technology has been rapidly increasing and product life cycles have started becoming shorter due to want of new and latest products.

Managers are always multifaceted individuals

While deciding on a business strategy senior managers get involved in multiple functions such as planning, coordinating, directing and organizing the resources of the organizations. A business strategy is made keeping in mind that the company’s ultimate objective or goal needs to be met. Generally strategies are made by the top executives of a company. After this process they are presented to the board of directors to ensure that it is in concurrence with the expectations of stakeholders of the company. Keeping in mind the vision and mission of the company, strategies are arrived by compilation and dissemination of relevant information.
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How to Truly Enjoy the World Cup From the Comfort of Your Home

One of the most exciting times in our lives are the World Cup tournaments that happen only once every four years. Because of their rarity, the entire world becomes engrossed in the tournament, and every game becomes an opportunity to stop what you’re doing and watch international competition that is unmatched in any other sport or arena, even the Olympics. But unless you’re a millionaire, you can’t afford to go out to the bar to watch every game, there are so many games, particularly in the first round. So the next best thing is to turn your home into a haven for watching the World Cup, and invite your friends over to enjoy the tournament. Here’s how to make sure your World Cup viewing is the best it can be.

1. Comfortable Chairs

You’ll be leaping out of these chairs with every goal, but in the meantime, you’ll need something comfortable. Make sure to have a lot of recliners for you and your friends. No one wants to sit on fold out chairs for hours on end, and if you spend some time planning ahead, you can often find perfectly fine if not a bit worn recliners on CraigsList for free or at least very cheap. It’ll be fun to have that many recliners in your living room anyway, at least temporarily, and it’ll make the viewing situation as comfortable as possible. It’ll be best even to have the kind of recliners that have a foot rest that pops out. That offers the ultimate relaxation during what will no doubt be an intense World Cup.
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Great Ideas to Make Your Man Cave The Coolest Cave in Town

Every man wants a cave, rather than all man caves are created equal. Some have a pretty terrible man cave that hardly is a den for sports and drinking watching. You do not want a paltry man cave, you want a man cave that men from all of over will envy and flock to. There are lots of good ideas and lots of bad ideas, and we’re here to discuss some relatively inexpensive but fun ideas that can make your man cave be the best man cave that it can be. Go big or go home, we always say. A man cave is forever, whereas a horrible man cave is to be forgotten. Don’t make that mistake.

1. Kegerator


You may think a kegerator is only an appliance of your dreams and you’ll never have the capacity to afford one. Wrong you are. It’s easier to get than you think if you are at are resourceful, though a kegerator is not only a crucial part of a good man cave. First, find an old refrigerator that someone is throwing away or selling for cheap. You should be able to select one online. Then, you install the spigot in the door in order that the keg sits in the refrigerator and the spigot simply comes out the front. You may drink fresh ice-cold beer all the day long up until you pass out watching highlights on SportsCenter, although not only is it fun that you caused it to be yourself. No man who sees a kegerator leaves unenvious!
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